The ideal template for business platform. You can build your own template simply by all settings in AdminCP. Especially, the template is design to be user-friendly and flexible with many blocks to enable you to...

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Why you choose us

High resolution

Image requirements are generally the same for all templates, but image sizes vary based on the template you choose. Some considerations should also be made for mobile devices and newer, high-density displays.


It is designed with high expectation about beauty photo such as icon, background image, etc

Editable layers

User can edit template layout easily and they can convert to default data

24/7 Support

Feel free to contact us at your convenience

Powerfull theme

Here’s the thing about a powerful theme. It’s not black and white. It’s not the moral of the story.


Templates are files that help you design interesting, compelling, and professional-looking documents. All the formatting is complete; you add what you want to them.

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